Jack Messerly

Chief Executive Officer

Jack Messerly serves as chief executive officer of Courier Express. He joined the company in 1992 after working for several years as a certified public accountant. His primary focus is in the areas of accounting, legal matters, information technology and human resources.

Jack currently spends much of his time guiding the management team across the company to stay committed to a strong balance sheet, ensuring that the business can fund growth projects and remain diversified in areas of transportation, logistics and warehousing. This diversification has allowed Courier Express to stay strong and weather changes in the transportation industry and global economy.

On the human resources side, Jack ensures a desirable climate for Courier Express’s family of employees, providing a positive work environment with exceptional opportunities and benefits.

Jack received a B.S. in accounting from Auburn University, and was a letterman on the tennis team at Washington and Lee University before transferring to Auburn. He is married with two sons. Jack enjoys traveling and spending time with his family as well as playing golf and tennis.