Pharmaceutical Solutions

Courier Express is one of the leading transportation companies in the nation handling pharmaceutical deliveries. Many of the major pharmaceutical wholesale and retail outlets trust us to make their deliveries safely, securely and in a timely manner. Additionally, we make thousands of deliveries, bridging retail chains, independent retail pharmacies and institutional providers such as hospitals, health systems, integrated delivery networks and long-term care providers.

Our experience has been built from a tradition of success. Courier Express understands how our performance impacts your customers. We take each and every delivery seriously and understand that Courier Express is an extension of your team!

We foster a controlled environment with distinct focus on the details:

  • Security cameras in every facility

  • Installed security cages

  • Defined chain of custody with standard operating procedures posted for each account

  • Exception reporting (OS&D)

  • Scanning, tracking and tracing are available in a variety of formats conducive to our customers’ needs

  • Narcotic blank (C-2s) returns

  • Experienced in DEA requirements and suggested protocol