Hello, we’re CX Freight. You ask. We deliver.

At CX Freight, a division within Courier Express, we take great pride to create transportation solutions, build logistics partnerships, and drive value – one delivery at a time.

All day long we are delivering, but not just your freight.  We deliver value, cutting edge technology, customer service excellence, and solutions for our most valuable asset… our customer.

With the right transportation partner, your business can grow.  Courier Express’s CX Freight division brings unmatched capabilities to our company.  The CX Freight facility offers a wide range of expertise, including Veterinary Laboratories, Health Care, Auto Parts, Office Products, and Mail Distribution.

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Our Expertise

Our CX Freight division is located at Courier Express’s headquarters allowing for warehouse space of over 58,000 square feet which leaves us well equipped to serve the growing needs of our regional clients.

CX Freight partners can take advantage of the depth and breadth of technical expertise from our headquarters in Marietta, Georgia.  Our technology team is constantly innovating for the future.  This creative group of developers are leading change agents in our industry creating proprietary solutions for state of the art visibility, tracking, alerts, and analytics. 

Our People

You will find our Courier Express office professional staff are some of the very best.  Our courteous team are subject matter experts with years of industry experience.  Our team has specialized knowledge and capabilities in the areas of:

  • Health Care

  • Retail

  • Office Products

  • Auto Parts

  • Mail Distribution

  • Veterinary Laboratories

Safety and security are top of mind in all our transportation solutions. Our freight drivers who are on the road have all been vetted through a thorough and stringent background and compliance check.  These driving professionals represent some of our industry’s best talent.

We value your business and we’ll do whatever it takes to prove it. Since 1985 Courier Express has been steadily expanding and improving its services to meet all your courier, freight, warehousing, parcel distribution and CX Logistics needs.

Our Freight Services

Trust us with your Same-Day Expedited Freight Services.  To meet your time-sensitive freight delivery needs, we offer same-day freight service for both local and long-distance deliveries. You can count on our knowledgeable office staff‘s expertise, along with our professional team of drivers, to provide timely and accurate same-day deliveries.

Scheduled Service. Use this service when you have large orders requiring scheduled times for pickup and delivery. No matter how many days a week you need scheduled delivery, we can customize this service to meet your specific schedule requirements.

Dedicated Service. Obtain a driver for your exclusive use in all your freight delivery needs. Whether to accommodate daily time changes or seasonal increases and decreases your business may experience, this flexible service option is tailored to suit your specific business needs. Take the headache out of managing your own fleet and leave it to Courier Express's experienced management staff.

As you can see, CX Freight has exceptional service offerings, coverage area, unparalleled customer service, and cutting edge technology.

Our Promise

Need additional information or have a comment or question about your courier, freight, warehouse, or parcel distribution services?  Please feel free to reach out and we’ll get back to you right away.

We can’t wait to connect with you to create your unique transportation solutions. Speaking of connecting, we would love nothing more for you to follow Courier Express on social media. You’ll find our channels both industry informative plus some transportation fun sprinkled throughout.

We believe our customers deserve a great delivery experience… allow Courier Express to make that happen, today.


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