Meet the Team

Hello, Mid-South Region. You ask. We deliver.

We deliver all throughout your central Georgia towns and suburbs of Macon and Tifton and among the historic Native American earthen mounds. This region’s footprint also includes Savannah, GA and the northern Florida cities of Jacksonville and Gainesville.

All day long we are delivering, but not just your packages and freight.  We deliver value, cutting edge technology, customer service excellence, and solutions for our most valuable asset… our customer.

With the right transportation partner, your business can grow.  Meet our local team who is ready to partner with you.


Region at a Glance

Mid-South Region Map.png


Industries Served

Health Care
Office Products
Auto Parts
Mail Distribution

Contact Us

770-955-3030 (Main)
888-462-2022 (Toll Free)
770-955-6070 (Fax)

Service Centers


3578 NW 97th Blvd.
Units 17 -20
Gainesville, FL 32606-7323


7780-3 Westside Industrial Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32219-3287


465 Albert Street
Macon, GA 31206-1901


20 Triple B Trail
Suite 220
Pooler, GA 31322


320 East 9th Street
Tifton, GA 31794-4847